Through the woods

We were excited the other day to discover a whole set of new trails in the woods just between Farnborough and Aldershot and just next to Runway’s End, see below for exact location:

Obviously the woodland has been there for a very long time and up until now was not really been accessible, plus you could never be sure if the Army used it at all for training and that kind of thing. The local council have been hard at work and have laid out a fantastic set of trails, all signposted and there are well placed benches. It sure is going to be a place that we shall visit often.

I went back yesterday on my mountain bike  for a second visit and took the DJI Osmo camera to see what I could get and to try out some experimental filming techniques and I was pleased, very pleased with what I got.

You may be forgiven for thinking that I flew my drone through the woods in some of these clips! Well I didn’t, although I have tried that before in a more remote woodland, but that is another story. DJI took the camera and Gimbal from their Inspire range of drone aircraft and well maybe best to watch the official DJI video…

It is an amazing piece of kit and after a few issues with audio and what have you at the start, DJI have been quick to address these problems through firmware releases and so on.

So whilst the camera is super stable, I mean ridiculously so, the one thing it doesn’t “iron” out are your footsteps, especially if like me, you are heavy footed. I have found the perfect solution for this, capture video from your mountain bike, especially if like mine it has excellent suspension. I was able to capture some superb footage as a result which does look like I am flying through the woods.

I think I shall do more of this in the future, it is healthy for me and my footage!


The music is this video is by Kevin Macleod, an American, New York based composer famed for his royalty free pieces of music that are available through YouTubes audio library for example. You can find out more about him via his website


  1. Yes, I have used a couple of Kevin Macleod’s pieces on my videos, I have pasted a link to his site in the article now, he is well known for royalty-free music composition and a lot of his stuff is available through the YouTube music library…. saves me from upsetting the copyright folks out there!


  2. Wow, I’m impressed just how good these “inexpensive” stabilised mounts have become! Looks like you got yourself a nice fancy toy! (p.s. for some reason the comment facility was unavailable through the WP reader – dunno if it’s intentional but I thought you should know.)


    1. Thanks Johann – I will double check the comment facility, thanks for letting me know.

      Yes the Osmo is very good and they are bringing out other “cameras” for it, sort of lenses but as you’d expect they all come with their own gimbal. It is interesting to explore this branch of videography, to see and learn what the possibilities are.

      Expect more of this stuff here on my site, I may even create a new site just for this if I really get productive with it!!

      P.S. Looking forward to capturing some footage in and around Valletta next week, watch this space!


      1. I look forward to it! If you have time and are up for it, would be nice to meet up say over a coffee while you’re here.

      2. Yes would love to, whereabouts are you based? Let’s keep in touch and I’m sure we can organise something 😀

    2. Digital Ocean were doing some maintenance on their LON region last night, so it may be that my site wasn’t fully available for a short period of time. Please let me know if you have problems again??


      1. I don’t think it’s related – seems more likely to be a wordpress configuration thing. I can comment ok directly on your website, but not if I read the articles on the wordpress reader. The usual comment button/icon just doesn’t appear. Tried on both firefox and chrome (sometimes I do see a difference), same thing.

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