Pick of the Archives #008

We have some lovely plants in our garden and one summer I spent quite a lot of time crawling around on the grass looking for close-ups or macro has we photographers call such things. I also wanted to come up with some large punchy art shots that we could hang on the wall. You can’t beat some good macro nature shots for that can you!

The plant in the photo above is a Knifophia or more commonly known as a “Red-hot Poker”. The trick with shots like this, is to get in as close as you can and in this instance I used a Tamron 90mm with my Nikon D200 (this was a while ago), mounted on a tripod with an extension arm. The tripod also has legs that can be splayed out further, meaning that you can achieve all kinds of angles and really low ones where the need is necessary. I also a “plamp” which is one of my favourite camera accessories and probably a reflector just off to the side to bounce some light back in. That’s that, shot taken.

You may be interested in taking a look at my tag dedicated to macro and find some more posts spanning the years gone by.

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