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Pick of the Archives #007 – Piazza il Campo

I can recall standing to the side of Piazza il Campo in Sienna that evening and Tina went for a walk around some of the shops nearby, as I needed about an hour to get this shot. The waiting game yields decent results when you have the time to make it all happen.

My camera firmly attached to the the fluid head on my Manfrotto tripod and exposures calculated. Naturally I took quite a few of the scene until I could do no more to improve. I knew that I would probably lose out a little bit in the foreground details but so long as the Torre del Mangia and the sky came together, I would be happy with the outcome.

Later I had to edit out a massive crane in Lightroom that was originally standing behind the Torre and blurred out some of the clouds which already were thanks to the long exposure taken. I needed to adjust the white balance to restore the warmth of light as I remembered it from the scene. Mind you, that said, my camera compensates well for the mixture of twilight and tungsten light sources.

Oh and we had perhaps one of the worst Pizzas in Italy afterwards which was really quite surprising!! Our tip is to eat in the side streets, you get a better deal and better food away from the Piazza. Do however have a nice coffee on the edge of the Piazza in the day time to watch the world go by….


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