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Knowlton Church, Dorset

Knowlton Church, Dorset

This footage was taken last year and the weather wasn’t it’s best, however at least it was dry and the winds were very light. It was also very quiet at the time, just my Dad and I. He is absolutely fascinated by the drone and every time we head down to visit, he asks me if I have brought it along!

Knowlton Church is managed by English Heritage and you can read a lot more about it on their excellent website. The history is fascinating, you really should spare a few minutes to read about it.

Flying wise that was the last time I recorded anything worthwhile, as the weather here has not been great for flying until Easter weekend when I took it out for a spin. I am chomping at the bit to go and film a few locations this year, all of which will be here in the UK, as we have ruled out taking it to Malta with us in a month’s time. I am considering taking it to Portugal later in the year though, as there are more open spaces there, mountainous regions where we should have no issues flying at all. The trouble with Malta is it’s size, built up’ness (if that’s a word?) and the fact that the airport is never too far away. My Brother advised against it because I suspect he and his guys may have tried before and were warned off – “You can only fly here if you have a permit!”

Talking of which I am hoping to go into the Farnborough Airshow this year to visit the Drone Show and learn more about signing up on a RPAS course and to become CAA Certified meaning I will be able to invest more money in drone filming as part of my overall services with this company, it should open up more doors for us and I can build up the video side a bit more…. in the meantime however, watch out for more Osmo videos on good old Terra Firma!


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