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Discussion: The art of blogging, a question of substance?

Discussion: The art of blogging, a question of substance?

What makes a good blog post? Is it it’s length? It’s subject matter? It’s usefulness? It’s substance? It’s connection with the reader?

Personally I don’t think length is important, a short snappy post may be enough just to whet the imagination or pique the interest of the viewer. Will they read it the once and never come back for a second helping? Will they bookmark the post for future reference and share it with their peers?

I often ask myself why do I blog or indeed why do other people do so and I turn to the websites that I find invaluable in my day-to-day work, the ones that truly inspire me to build decent sites that hold excellent content. That to me is a matter of substance (going back to the opening paragraph above). Occasionally longer and highly detailed posts are worth their time in reading because they may have helped me fathom a tricky web development problem, that would have taken me much longer to work through on my own.

A lot of it depends on your audience, as some people amongst us blog for the sake of blogging, some write content that helps reveal to their clientele how their business ticks and what it is they have been up to. Companies use blogs to great effect to talk about brand and share the knowledge they wish to distribute (even to their rivals). People like myself strive to blog to help other people learn more about web development, photography and content writing. Many of us find this not only helps pull in the right audience/clientele/customers that we need for our businesses to survive but I don’t know about you;

It helps me clarify that I am developing my own brand and message gradually and fine tuning it, so that I understand my business better, I can help define it’s – substance.

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