Pick of the Archives #001

I’m going as far back as possible, to 2008, a difficult year personally but one where I seeked solace in photography quite a lot. My family being very supportive whilst at the time we faced an uncertain future given the fact I was suffering from rapidly deteriorating kidney function. Later in the year, the transplant turned things around for the better and we got our lives back again.

I seemed to have taken a lot of black and whites that year, or should I say, I converted a lot of images to monochrome. This is what I chose to do for the photo you see here of Witterings East Head in Sussex. A place itself threatened by external forces that it can’t cOntario. I doubt this spot is even accessible now, as Mother Nature ravages our shores each winter. Remodelling our landscape forever, rendering places from our childhood as unrecognisable.

What remains constant today though, is that this place is still beautiful. Forever must it be protected but letting nature still have some say in the matter. We are not in charge as much as we would like to think we are.

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