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WeMo: Wireless Kettle eases early morning commute

I had some lovely cards and presents from my family this year. My Stepson bought me two WeMo plugs and I thought this was a very thoughtful present indeed.

First of all, for those of you who don’t know what a WeMo is, it is quite a simply a WiFi enabled device for the home (or office). There are various devices that you can buy from their family of products, including light bulbs, coffee machines and in this instance plugs.

What could I try these out with was the question? I had an idea and it worked a treat this morning.  I created a WiFi enabled kettle that would boil some water at 5:45am. It worked because as I descended the stairs I could hear the water bubbling away!

It was such a success this little experiment that I swear it helped me catch the earlier train to London!

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