Strangely mis-delivered post

Considering that today is my birthday and we’ve been away. It’s great to come back to a bundle of birthday cards to open. So it is very uncanny that what seems to be a birthday card has been delivered to me by mistake and the wrong country. 

We have looked around on Linkedin and I think I may have found him. If I’m right he is a Professor of Chemistry at Yale University. However can’t be sure…

We shall have to make sure that it gets put back in the post and sent on to the right Professor!

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    1. We aren’t sure what is in it. Feels like a card but none of our business. Hopefully on its next journey it makes it to the USA.

      One thing I didn’t mention above is that the street name and number is the same as our address. There is also a similarly named town nearby called Guildford. It is pronounced the same way but with a “silent D”

      Must have been an error at the sorting office. The letter was posted in the UK with the intention of it making its way to America.

      Thanks for he birthday wishes too!


      1. No. I also lost my wallet at the start of the weekend. We had left the house with bags packed and had been on the road for about 40 minutes when I had that horrible feeling of loss. Checking my pockets (Tina was driving) and asked her to pull over. It wasn’t in my pockets, nor anywhere else in the car. What the heck had I done with it?

        Cutting a long story short….

        We returned home and it wasn’t there either. I ended up blocking my bank cards for fear it may have been either picked up by someone or stolen, though I doubted that to be the case.

        In the end we headed off again, destination Kent. We ended up having a great time. Luckily when I got home. I had one more look around the house. Upon checking the linen basket, I found it!

        It was stuck in the trouser leg of a pair of inside out, crumpled up jeans!

        So yes an unforgettable weekend all in all!


      2. Oh no! What a horrid start to the weekend but so pleased you had a fabulous time in the end. One way I guess of making sure you don’t pay for anything on your Bday!!

        Hope the replacement cards arrive quickly though. The waiting is the second horrid bit I always feel.


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