Going to Kent

We are off to Kent this weekend and booked into our hotel just outside Sittingbourne. It’s about an hour and half from our home in Hampshire but despite having worked there once for a whole year. I just don’t know the county very well. 

Tina and I have some ideas of where we want to go. 

  • Sissinghurst 
  • Canterbury 
  • Dover Castle
  • Chartwell (Winston Churchill’s former home)

Where else could we go? Any recommendations? Please post in the comments section thank you! 

6 thoughts on “Going to Kent

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  1. I’m probably too late but you can always go back! Faversham is lovely, my fiance grew up there and we are getting married there next year. I also recommend Whitstable, Chilham, Broadstairs, and Tunbridge Wells as a starting point. Also Botany Bay. I’ve been most places in Kent and for the most part the area is very nice.


    1. Thanks Melissa. You are too late on this occasion I’m afraid but thanks for the info. Some places I’ve never heard of there! We stayed near Faversham. Got some stuff to share here on the blog when I get the chance to download and edit it.

      Anyway I shall makes note of your suggestions for a future excursion!


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