Write drafts often but don’t let them gather dust for too long!

I am a “draft hoarder”, just glanced through my draft posts and how far do they go back? They go back as far as 2009, so I have decided for a bit of fun, to see if I can publish any of them!

…or… Delete them!

This website has been going for a long time now, in fact not entirely sure but it is probably 10 years old and then for awhile, guilty as charged, it just stopped, I didn’t feel compelled to write or worse still, I started but didn’t finish.

Looking back I have written a lot about Italy, quite a bit about Malta, a lot about photography and a little bit about my main source of income, building websites. I think I may have tried writing some reviews at some point in time too. However, I am no good at that, I just like things too much as a rule, I hate to find fault in anything. Hence I would make a rubbish QA tester. No offence to my friends in QA by the way!!!

So some of the posts coming up this week are from way back but still quite relevant, the places will still be there, even if I haven’t actually been to them for ten years or more. One or two of them, ironically, I am visiting again fairly soon.

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