Apple Watch: Early birthday present 

It’s not actually my birthday until this weekend coming but since we will be going away for a weekend break, I got my birthday present early. It needs no introduction really, we’ve all heard of smart watches by now. Apple, Samsung, Fitbit, Garmin etc have all been working flat out in their R&D departments to come up with the next big piece of wearable technology. 

Why did I want one? Some have suggested that they may even be pointless even. I disagree with those people and as a technology man I am always curious over what these things offer us. What kind of improvement do they bring to our daily lives?

I opted for one of the sport models with 42 size screen and the nylon strap is very comfortable especially when I’m a bit on the warm side. I’m not incredibly fit and in fact that is one of the reasons I wanted an Apple Watch. I am fascinated by data too and keeping an eye on my pulse over time is not just interesting but highly useful. I will be able to see how much better I am doing this summer. 

Yesterday the Health app rewarded me for gardening, a quick bike ride and a 7.5k walk around Virginia Water near Egham. I could also see that I spent less time sat on my backside and was on my feet for the best part of the day. 

Well today will blow that out of the water, back at the desk job with my MacBook and a hot desk space at Save the Children. Looks set to be a busy week mind you. Now maybe my watch can help me stay on top of that too!

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