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Time to get the garden back into gear

Now that Spring finally seems to be kicking in, it was high time to start thinking about getting our garden into some kind of order and there was no better way of starting these proceedings, by clearing out the shed! it had become a jumble of objects, bicycles and lawnmowers!

The garden is starting to slowly but surely show signs of life once again, a carpet of Primroses covering the bottom end of the lawn. They appear every year and are totally wild, we never planted them but are always a welcome arrival at this time of Spring. I am quite surprised to see the Tulips out so early but are looking absolutely glorious. So great to see them!

Last year I took an old Butler Sink that we have had sitting around in our garden for ages. It was full of water and dirt and so I decided to turn it into an Alpine garden. Some of the plants have faired well over the Winter whereas some had not done so well. Two weeks ago we bought some new Sempervivum plants from the fabulous Longstock Park Nursery at Leckford which is owned by the John Lewis Partnership, Waitrose. What had started to look a bit sparse, is now looking a lot better.

If you construct one of these yourself, make sure it is well drained. I have raised mine off the ground with a 4 bricks underneath and the main source of drainage is the old plug hole. The bottom of the sink should be filled with large stones or broken pieces of pot, then a layer of compost and the top lever with fine grit. I finished off by water well and I think from here on, not much watering is needed, for these plants are very hardy. Essentially they need a good source of light, so shouldn’t be kept in the shade.

So lets see how they get on as we start to see much warmer weather and long days of sunlight.

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