Just write. Just build sites. Just cook. Just do whatever keeps you alive!

The headline means essentially if there is something you are passionate about doing and want to learn more about it, just give it a shot, do it and in doing, you are mastering whatever it may be!

I am taking part in the 30 day writing challenge and will edit this post later with the link! That will teach me for “just writing” and I am doing it from my phone on the train back home. 

I must say I certainly believe in the “just do it” mantra and one good example of this ethos being put into practice was when I used to run a photography site many moons ago. The idea was that people uploaded their photos and other members would write critiques about the images. I found that in doing this, you learnt a lot simply by saying things like, “Just crank up the aperture a little bit for a better depth of field” and soon realised where I was making mistakes of my own. Eureka! Many other people on the site learnt a great deal from this and have gone on to make photography their career. 

I think that the process of doing increases your focus and your will to succeed. Above all else do what makes you who you are and keeps you ticking!

There you have it my first entry for my 30 day writing challenge. Tomorrow I’m going to write about filming something for the web and even share a video with you. Now that’s commitment!

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