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Whatever happened to?

I haven’t done much in the way of photography recently, I know, painfully aware even and that is because I need to set aside some time to go out with the camera and take some new shots. Same goes for the drone and video work. The weather hasn’t been safe to fly with the high winds we’ve had and generally rubbishy weather every time I pick the day to set off with the kit and create something new. 

This shall change though especially once April and May come along. We’ve got some trips planned including a trip to Kent, we may visit Canterbury, Sissinghurst and one or two other places whilst there. 

May will be awesome because for the third year in a row, we are going back to Malta and Gozo. Mainly to visit my brother and his wife who moved there since we last went there but it will mean plenty of photography. 

So a break from taking pictures will hopefully mean that I shall regain my creative mojo once again!!!!

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