WordPress Development is about to radically change

Let's kick this off with a thought I had today on what I shall do next with this site. I've been meaning to either revamp this site or start a new one and since I have been procrastinating about it, nothing much has happened. So time to perhaps begin a project where I revamp it but not in the conventional WordPress kind of way....

Let me explain!

I am more of a front end developer these days and have worked a lot with JavaScript frameworks like Angular and now React. These new toys have invited people across the industry to disrupt the way in which we build sites. Thing is it has made me realise how much I don't like about WordPress development and that it now feels like it is something from the dark ages. WP is great for editors and consumers but is not such a great thing for developers, especially if you've moved on to working with these modern tools that I mention.

Wordpress does have an updated REST API and with this we can do some great things.

What things?

Lets say that I am disillusioned with the way in which I build templates for WordPress and would much rather work with some of the
methods I have been learning and working with elsewhere in my day to day work? I can, it can be done and mostly thanks to the guys
behind WP updating their REST API which means it is possible to build seperate applications which consume your WordPress data. In 
other words making it possible to build whatever you wish, however you like and all without upsetting your editorial team, they 
can carry on working with the admin as normal. I really do love WP's dashboard and all of the back-end facilities that it has.

So I am going to explore these options by possibly building two spin off sites from nicklewis.net - yes 2 of them!

They will be nicklewis.tech and nicklewis.photo respectively and both of them will connect to the existing site and its database, both 
of them offering two different experiences for visitors, as one will be dedicated to my programming work and the other to photography 
and video. Once I have these two "micro-sites" sussed out, I will then probably use the same techniques to revamp the main site.

The technologies I am going to use will be React, GraphQL, Relay and NodeJS.

If this all works out, then I may be able to provide these new skills to other people who want to do more with WordPress than 
the current templating system can allow.

More on all of this soon... If you are confused by this, don't worry, it will become clearer!

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