World Kidney Day

In September 2008, my Dad did an amazing thing and donated one of his kidneys to keep me going, as mine were failing and close to what is known as ESRF (end-stage renal failure). So I wholeheartedly support this Day in raising awareness of kidney disease and some of the ways we can combat it.

I have my Dad to thank for helping me steer clear of Dialysis and I lead a very normal life as a result. However I am acutely aware of people whom have missed this opportunity or simply just not been given the option yet.

If you dig deeper into the archives of this blog, you can read a day-to-day account that I wrote back in 2008 and the year that followed. You may not find it pleasant reading at times but it was a story I had to tell and at times I wrote it from my hospital bed on an old smart phone with a 3G internet connection!! It helped me get through it, as at times boredom was the worst thing whilst I was unable to work, drive or do a great deal. On the flip-side just 3 months seems like a damn short time when compared with what some other people have to endure – So I am ridiculously lucky in many ways!

Please have a browse through to read more of the things I have written on this subject over the years….

6 thoughts on “World Kidney Day

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  1. Blimey! Reading this was an incredible experience.
    I am the earlier links later today.
    Glad it all worked out for you both 🙂


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