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Github: Gathering together an open-source team

As a developer of all things web and mobile, I have often contemplated either contributing to an open-source project that is already on the go, such as my current favourite a brilliant open source CMS platform.

I would love to start one of my own but as a way of gathering together people who can help work on projects that have a commercial interest. In other words as a small business, I may not wish to take on staff full-time when there is already a great bunch of talent out there who can be reached through

I will write more about this when I have time but wanted to share this idea with people out there in the meantime….

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  1. Hi Nick – as a technologically-stunted writer I’m not entirely sure what you’re talking about here – but I am a keyboard for hire if words are required. If it’s tech, then I’d be totally out of my depth, but I’ll keep reading the posts I understand! Good luck!

    1. Thanks Sandra. I shall definitely bear you in mind for copy-writing, as I am looking at starting up one or two projects through the open-source community. I have a number of ideas and various people often come to me with more ideas for web/mobile software. However there is just me and more often than not, there are open-source projects out there that can fulfil a need, saves me from re-inventing the wheel…. I also want to start some projects of my own. So I will be looking for developers, designers and copy-writers to chip in with contributions of all kinds.

      Glad you enjoy my not so technical stuff and I shall keep things mixed here.

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