Looking for places to explore

I enjoyed doing a bit of video yesterday and Tina had a good time taking photos. So I’m going to be out and about again before long to film some more places. 

If you also own a DJI Osmo, you may know that its biggest let down is the poor quality of the built in microphone. It is for this reason I’m glad for the external microphone Jack as I’ve been plugging in a Lavalier. DJI recently announced the release of their own “flexi-mic” and to celebrate their tenth anniversary they will be giving them away for free to all Osmo owners who purchased their unit before a certain date. The new mic will also be sold bundled with all future Osmos from the shops. 

I was a little annoyed with them for wording it this way because they know they cocked up the microphone in an otherwise brilliant product. In any case I will be getting one for free so can’t complain too much. Once I have it, I shall be recording more stuff and at the same time will buy 2 spare batteries to get more recording time whilst out on the road. 

So with this in mind, how about I make a mini YouTube series about an area close to where I live. Hampshire and Isle of Wight. 

Let me know if you know of some great places?

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