A walk around Wisley

Tina and I always love going to Wisley in Surrey and we also wanted to see the Butterflies in the Glasshouse. We grabbed the Nikon and the Osmo and set off – enjoy the video!

I am currently toying with Vimeo and Youtube, which one do I use? Do I use one for some things and the other for other things?

6 thoughts on “A walk around Wisley

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    1. Cheers Tim. I find Youtube suits my needs very well and as I follow other people on there especially drone enthusiasts you get a little bit of networking going on. Vimeo mind you is advert free so I guess some people prefer to pay for that reason. Mind you YouTube has either begun doing the same or is about to.


    1. It is a camera based around a grip and a gimbal which is based on the company’s other products, it’s drones. They decided to take the technology and make a handheld version of it. The outcome is a very smooth mechanical stabiliser which acts like a steadicam.


      1. Yes it will only work with Smartphones as they act as your viewfinder and control panel for the device. Many of the drones work that way too. However some new products have their own built in monitors. Tina was using my Nikon for taking photos whilst I had a go with the Osmo.


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