The Office

In August of last year my family were getting tired of entering the dining room wanting to sit at the table for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Only to find each and every time that the table had been relegated to the side. My desk, computers, monitors, laptops, peripheral devices and filing cabinets had become a jungle of furniture. The problem was I had become blind to it almost, apart from the fact that I wanted to work from home more frequently.

It dawned on me that working from home was going to become a bit awkward. My step daughter would invariably want to watch TV and girls watch some funny programmes with a lot of arguments taking place in. They sit in silence watching them yet the noise coming from the television, to me at least makes the sound of the dentists drill sound sublime and sweet. Soap Opera is not my cuppa tea and nor is it a good background noise for working either.

It got to the point where I was finding working from home to be difficult anyway. The temptation to just going and doing something else was always too strong. I also believe that work and home should be kept separate.

Therefore I decided to seek office space.

The first couple I found were not suitable, as they were too expensive and neither had internet. No internet and charging the earth! It wasn’t good. So I gave up. The office would have to stay at home.

Until someone from Pure Offices in Farnborough got in touch. I went and had a walk around and saw what was to become two weeks later, my office!

The price I pay for it is very reasonable and I get internet, tea/coffee, electricity and heating all for the standard price. The only extras they do are meeting room hire and cleaning.

Ferneberga House used to be the town hall and was built back in the Victorian era.  The name means “fern hill” in Saxon and its from this that the town name of Farnborough was derived. Until about 8 years ago the building stood empty and served no purpose and was protected by its Grade II listed status.

We also happened to live opposite. I used to joke about having it as my HQ. I was just starting out as a consultant at the time. However we then moved to the other side of the town as the kids were outgrowing their rooms and the old house belonged to my wife and ex-husband. We wanted our own house.

In this time someone purchased Ferneberga House and turned it into offices for small businesses. So a decade later it is quite bizarre to have my own office within it!

More on this another time. My train is approaching Waterloo!

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