Github: Gathering together an open-source team

As a developer of all things web and mobile, I have often contemplated either contributing to an open-source project that is already on the go, such as my current favourite a brilliant open source CMS platform.

I would love to start one of my own but as a way of gathering together people who can help work on projects that have a commercial interest. In other words as a small business, I may not wish to take on staff full-time when there is already a great bunch of talent out there who can be reached through

I will write more about this when I have time but wanted to share this idea with people out there in the meantime….

Looking for places to explore

I enjoyed doing a bit of video yesterday and Tina had a good time taking photos. So I’m going to be out and about again before long to film some more places. 

If you also own a DJI Osmo, you may know that its biggest let down is the poor quality of the built in microphone. It is for this reason I’m glad for the external microphone Jack as I’ve been plugging in a Lavalier. DJI recently announced the release of their own “flexi-mic” and to celebrate their tenth anniversary they will be giving them away for free to all Osmo owners who purchased their unit before a certain date. The new mic will also be sold bundled with all future Osmos from the shops. 

I was a little annoyed with them for wording it this way because they know they cocked up the microphone in an otherwise brilliant product. In any case I will be getting one for free so can’t complain too much. Once I have it, I shall be recording more stuff and at the same time will buy 2 spare batteries to get more recording time whilst out on the road. 

So with this in mind, how about I make a mini YouTube series about an area close to where I live. Hampshire and Isle of Wight. 

Let me know if you know of some great places?

Tim Lewis – The pottery, Villa Bologna, Attard

Photo post.

Source: The pottery, Villa Bologna, Attard

Today’s share is a post taken from my Brother’s blog and he is worth a follow 😉

Tim and his wife have settled in Malta this past year and they have been exploring, writing about things and sharing some great photos of the places they have discovered.

I love the light in this pottery and I hope to visit it sometime, maybe when we ourselves visit the island in May.

Tim also writes about his travels to Indonesia, Central America and other parts of Europe and shares many of his sound recordings

Tim is a sound recordist and film maker by profession

Summon your Tesla Model S using only your Apple Watch [Video]

Source: Summon your Tesla Model S using only your Apple Watch [Video]

There have been times when we step outside the shopping centre, the restaurant, the cinema and it is chucking down with rain or is very cold. My Wife says to me, “Can you fetch the car” or “Wouldn’t it be great if the car came to us?”

Well maybe that is about to become a reality?

We don’t have a Tesla though, I would love one, I think they look cool and no doubt are cool. The top model can do 300+ miles on one charge and has a pretty nice BHP….. but….

I would worry about the auto pilot to be honest. I like to be in control of things and have only really just about got used to the idea of cruise control in the last 2 cars I’ve owned. Can such things be trusted, can you just sit back, have a jolly whistle and grin to yourself as your car pulls up in front of you with a crowd of onlookers looking on in awe. You causally step in and take control of the car and roar off into the distance.

Except of course it has no engine and doesn’t roar like a V8….

The main issue or concern I have with driverless cars is that I worry about things going wrong. I would be waiting for my car to reach me and what if along the way it had totalled two cars, a shop and a dozen cyclists?

Cyclists tend to take stupid risks that the driverless car would not quite comprehend. After all my brain cannot understand cyclists at the best of times! Yet I do enjoy cycling myself but I do so responsibly – ahem!

Would the Police arrest me? Who would be guilty of the carnage? They could hardly arrest the car or maybe Elon Musk would be guilty on 1000 counts of reckless driving across the globe in the space of a month.

Ok maybe I am being far fetched?! Indeed I was just being a little bit imaginative just there but I think whilst this technology is indeed very exciting, with it comes great responsibility and that is what scares me a little!