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Dangerous posting a link to my blog about a video short I’ve read about but not had the chance to watch yet. Read the article associated with the film. Interesting premise behind the film and the way in which our world is changing. Is it a good or bad thing. Do we spend too much time worrying about things. Stuff we have no real control over and don’t totally understand.

I often wonder though if we are becoming far more paranoid these days or is the feeling of paranoia being fuelled by the very thing that troubles us? Media. We are more acutely aware of the dangers that lurk all around us and losing the ability to just enjoy what we have.

We must not eat that or drink this. Terrorism. Fear of religion. Climate change. Overcrowding. Economy. Cancer. Social division. Apartheid. War. Social image. Racism. Political correctness.

All of which are driven by media especially the BBC. I am beginning to think that maybe I should sell our TV and be done with it. Time to ignore all that nonsense out there. I already have been boycotting newspapers for a long time.

What are your thoughts?

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  1. A lot of it isn’t necessarily nonsense. A lot of it is very very real. A lot of it is frightening. The media don’t help out here, the media is pressured to outsell its competitors, so bad news to the media is good news. Its the ones with blood or disaster or despair on the front pages that sell the most copy. However don’t become complacent, the threats and problems which are knocking on our doors these days are very real, and by ignoring them, we’re doing ourselves an enormous amount of damage. My advice for shot term success is turn off the TV and through it out the window. Stop reading newspapers. Find alternate media, which isn’t so easy. Enjoy nature. Enjoy the people around you. We needn’t have the distractions of smart screen this and smart this and that, its all bullshit. Why do we need distraction. If you’re bored go and help someone out. Talk to the old lady across the street. Enjoy the light. The sun on your face. The sounds of the world. The innate experience of living and breathing in this magical world.

    1. You are right, wish I could just turn a blind eye to it all. A lot of what has happened recently has all been a little bit close for comfort. Paris, Istanbul, Turkey and the story about the aircraft flying from Mauritius to Paris that had to make an unscheduled landing. Especially having been effected by the security incident at gatwick on our way out to Mauritius and with you being in Paris etc etc. A friend of ours out there (Mauritius) commented on the Jihadi situation and that there was a disturbing belief that some Mauritian people are getting involved… which is why I was surprised about the Boeing 777 having to land in Mombassa, however the “bomb” was a fake. I can only imagine what that must have been like. I would have wanted to strangle the bastards had I been on that flight.

      1. Sorry I meant to say “not entirely surprised” in that last comment…

    2. Smart screens – oh dear, I am partisan to this culture and indeed help feed it being a developer of such things. Don’t judge me!! 😉 I would love to develop a smart app, of the non-distracting variety, that helps encourage people to enjoy and love the Earth a lot more than they do….. that is my mission in life, I lay down the gauntlet!

  2. We are so open, faced with so many versions of life – what is good, what is bad, what is true, what is meaningless.
    Now when we see something we can’t answer the simplest of questions ‘What do I think of this?’

    If it’s damaging, then stop it or reduce it to a manageable amount. That’s easier said than done when news is mixed in with entertainment and friendships. Cortisol levels rise when there is too much stress, and that damages the body. Getting out into nature is beneficial, but then it’s back to the onslaught of more bad news.

    Then there’s pessimism brought on by a fatalistic feeling that the wrong people – corporations, governments, whatever – are in charge and they don’t care.

    I do not think the root of the problem for the individual is that there is a multiplicity of sources that cause stress.

    I think it is because the individual does not have a comprehensive point of view. Perhaps in days gone by, in tight-knit societies where an individual’s future was more or less circumscribed from birth, people saw the world through the eyes of the community. Decisions would be simple – was such-and-such event or circumstance good for the community and me in it?

    Nowadays we are fragmented. We don’t have a singular idea of we are aiming for and what is good for us. We can be Freudians or Buddhists. We can be anything and we can be nobody. We think too much.

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