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What I’m currently up to

I have recently been writing more on this blog and about a diverse range of things. Some of my posts have been tongue-in-cheek about the world in which we live, some have been about recent travel and some other stuff. I haven’t written for a little while about what I actually do. How I work? Where I work?

In short I am a freelance web and more increasingly, mobile developer. I am also a photographer but that is more of a sideline these days. I work with a variety of technologies and don’t particularly specialise. However that is something I wish to pin down more in the future. Anyone else out there like that? Do you find yourself describing yourself as a full-stack developer?

I’m based in Farnborough Hampshire and also rent a really nice office there. Slightly annoyingly I’m rarely in it at the moment as I’m commuting into London each day! Today for example is hideous on this train, it is overloaded with people. I digress slightly. 

The contract I’m doing at the moment and my reason for being in London is with Save the Children. Recently they’ve allowed me to work from London 4 days and 1 day from Farnborough. I am there until late April and at which point shall review what to do next. Hopefully looking at returning to Ferneberga House full-time where I will very much like to focus on projects there. 

I do have other clients from my freelance work and have just been approached by another business in Ferneberga House where my office is, they want to build a mobile app. I’m excited about that and will start writing about it, though not specifically as we don’t want to reveal what the product actually is until it’s built! I can however talk about the way in which I build such an application. More on this soon. 

So this is very much leading towards a new outlook on my business that was originally created for the purposes of being a contract consultant. We also have the opportunity to work with an offshore partner in order to deliver more CMS powered sites. I am certain that in the future as I shift my focus more towards mobile apps (possibly) we will take on one person to carry on supporting and building CMS sites. Yes expanding into a small company. I do have room in my office for one or two others. 

So there you have it! A whirlwind tour of my world and what may happen in the future! 2016 is going to be an interesting and busy year!

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