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Missing Mauritius

Sat here on the train out of London. Half sat on a seat. Glancing over my neighbouring passenger’s shoulder at the paper he is reading and spot a travel advert. I recognise the picture depicting none other than a stunning Mauritian scene. It could easily be the beach near where we stayed and I recognise the photo of  Chamerel falls. Weirdly the advert on TV most evenings is promoting Mauritius via Thomson Holidays. I spotted Grand Bassin, the Hindu Temple. Nudged Tina who gave me that “we’ve been there” smile. 

Aye, that beautiful Tropical island off the coast of Africa and near Madagascar is on my mind. I dropped my friend and fellow web developer over there an email and got to hear that it is the rain season right now. Chucking down with rain, thunder storms and the full works. There was talk of a cyclone recently and people worry because it has been at least 15 years since the last. Don’t think and hope that doesn’t happen. Nasty things but the tropics whilst beautiful have a nasty streak, a tendency for a bad mood. 

Ahhhh I can smell the scented exotic flowers and I can imagine the sounds of the Bul-bul, Minah, Weaver and Fody birds. The birds in bountiful abundance, practically outnumbering the people. I can feel the warmth of the Indian Ocean. I can see the vivid colours of the fish flitting around my snorkel mask. I can imagine savouring those exotic Creole flavours on my tongue once again. 

Memories are treasured things. Shall go back there one day and gather some more. 

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  1. Nicely written – you have a nice touch recounting this.

    1. Thanks for your kind comments

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