Things to do #1: photograph bears

I started typing the title of this post and decided to be as random as possible. What have I not photographed? What am I unlikely to take pictures of but… I mean just imagine photographing bears up close?! What an assignment that would be!

Now I’ve seen the guy with lots of curly hair and the broad Scottish accent doing this sort of thing before. So can’t be that hard.  I think they end up believing he is one of them, either that or they are thinking he ain’t fat enough yet to eat. Give him time, give him time. 

Just imagine the patience and silence you’d have to maintain, especially with all of the camera gear you’ll have in tow. You’d have to build yourself a bivvy out of the forest materials you find scattered around. A fire would help keep you warm at night and protect you from opportunist Brown Bears.

Downsides would be the cold in the Canadian Rockies in mid-winter, going to the toilet, where would you buy a copy of the local rag? What would you eat and at the same time preventing the Bears you are photographing from thinking your food to be hor d’euvres and the main course… Let’s not think about that one. 

On the other hand…

I might just go to the zoo with my camera, that’ll make more sense. 

Let me know of a good topic for “Things to do #2” and it must be as obtuse as this one!!!

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