Chamerel Falls to Le Morne Brabant, Mauritius

NIC_9433-4It’s been a long but breathtaking day, packed with a dizzying array of sights, smells, sounds and experiences. Our clunky hire car despite it’s multitude of foibles carts us down a bendy mountain road steeped in bamboo plants and other rich palm based vegetation. Like crash barriers made of nothing much more than large fronds of broad sky pointing leaves, I know that just beyond them is a sheer drop to oblivion. Well if nothing else they ease my wife’s regular fear of such things. The bends get tighter and the road keeps on descending further and further. The mountain had fooled us into thinking it was smaller than we had thought.

It is at that this moment we can see that we are nearly there, a breathtaking vista presents itself before us and a wide open plain punctuated by this giant monolith of rock, jutting out from the south western tip of the island of Mauritius. My heart is now really racing, can my eyes take in yet more beauty than this? We’ve already had an incredible day, no doubt one that will remain with us for ever and a day.

Yet there is a big problem as we are out of time. The sun is setting. We are admittedly rather tired and we are on the verge of taking a right at the next junction. It’s time to head home, it will be dark in minutes. We will have to make do with just remembering it, no photos, oh well we will come back one day for sure.

I reach for the indicator stalk, hesitate. I push it down to indicate and I turn left, not really sure where I’m going other than we are now on the coast road, heading for the peninsula. I rebel against fatigue and the sensible option, hell to that. I want a photograph!

Just a mile down the road, the light still hanging in there, sun smack bang on the horizon. Cutting it fine. I find a space to park grab the camera bag. Hastily switch to my Sigma 10-20. Switching ISO and exposure settings. Calming myself down there is time and my oh my what a glorious place!

I ended up taking a few photos with an audience of two local people and a little boy who seemed quite interested in photography. He was playing in an adjacent boat just out of the shot chosen here.

The location is called Le Morne Brabant and is right on the SW tip of Mauritius. The water here is a large lagoon and you could hear the sound of the distant waves crashing against the reef about a mile away! That was quite surreal!


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