I don’t read newspapers

Ok this is a bold statement and some of you may think this a bad thing but I have stopped reading newspapers for many years. It only really dawned on me the other day whilst observing fellow passengers on the train reading through their copies of the Metro and other tabloids. Hey when did I last read the Times or Telegraph? Instead I prefer reading what other people like myself put together. You bloggers out there.

I’ve certainly began to become more frustrated with what is happening in the world especially when the media paints it all with such a negative tint. Indeed there are a lot of awful things happening in our world. A lot of which is very upsetting and I am not going to mention the specifics. You all know that I’m probably referring to and I don’t wish to dwell on any of it here.

So I tend to read blogs and articles written by people of the finer things in life. There is much to celebrate about the world in which we live and there is a lot to see and experience.

I should share some of the blogs I’ve been enjoying with you guys and highlight them here.




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