TfL safety holograms

“Please stand perpendicular  to the escalator. Do not lie down or sit on the steps. Please remember to step forward when you reach the bottom.”

I imagined it saying that and chuckled at the thought, as I walked past the hologram thingy at the Jubilee line, Waterloo station. It repeatedly issuing safety advice, what not to do, just in case you’ve left your common sense behind on the 6:46.

Aren’t we obsessed by “Health & Safety” in this country? I can remember practically wetting myself whilst watching the delightfully funny “Minions” on a long haul flight home recently. It was the scene where they arrive in London and are on the Underground. The “Mind the gap. Mind the gap” tannoy is going ballistic and sounds like it’s going to blow a fuse any minute. It was ridiculous but so funny. 

It made me laugh because people of other nationalities just find it so  typically British and funny, that they have to take the proverbial  out of us. 

In other countries I’ve just never seen quite so many signs or heard tannoy warnings about the dangerous crevasses that exist between train and platform. 

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