I love cameras

It’s true I have a love affair with cameras, I own way too many and if I don’t sell any, soon I will start my own photography museum. I am only half joking. My wife would give me one of those looks if she were to read this. “Do something about it now or…..” and you never get to know what that alternative fate may be until you’ve forgotten about it but Mrs Lewis has not. Sound familiar gentlemen?

Just a random fleeting thought from this mornings train journey into London…

14 thoughts on “I love cameras

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      1. I’m going to have to hold back my judgement after all a crazy person would say that! For all I know your wife may be just a figment of your imagination. My experience is people who have to commute by train every day are pushed to the very edge of sanity.


      2. Now your last comment is correct. This is only a short term contract I’m doing up in London. It has driven me mad yes.


      3. As long as you resist the urge to lick the person standing next to you, you should be ok. On no account start a conversation I believe that will lead you to being sectioned without further examination.


      4. Very funny. A lady sat next to me the other day and said hello. Odd because commuters don’t normally communicate and she said it as if we knew each other. Never seen her in my life. Bizarre. I resorted to my knowledge of the commuters safety guide and simply nodded with a smile.


    1. I used to and in many ways, I do miss it. I absolutely loved to load up a fresh roll of film and I used to try all sorts. Velvia, Ilford black and white. You name it, I tried many over time.


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