Dangerous posting a link to my blog about a video short I’ve read about but not had the chance to watch yet. Read the article associated with the film. Interesting premise behind the film and the way in which our world is changing. Is it a good or bad thing. Do we spend too much time worrying about things. Stuff we have no real control over and don’t totally understand.

I often wonder though if we are becoming far more paranoid these days or is the feeling of paranoia being fuelled by the very thing that troubles us? Media. We are more acutely aware of the dangers that lurk all around us and losing the ability to just enjoy what we have.

We must not eat that or drink this. Terrorism. Fear of religion. Climate change. Overcrowding. Economy. Cancer. Social division. Apartheid. War. Social image. Racism. Political correctness.

All of which are driven by media especially the BBC. I am beginning to think that maybe I should sell our TV and be done with it. Time to ignore all that nonsense out there. I already have been boycotting newspapers for a long time.

What are your thoughts?

Missing Mauritius

Sat here on the train out of London. Half sat on a seat. Glancing over my neighbouring passenger’s shoulder at the paper he is reading and spot a travel advert. I recognise the picture depicting none other than a stunning Mauritian scene. It could easily be the beach near where we stayed and I recognise the photo of  Chamerel falls. Weirdly the advert on TV most evenings is promoting Mauritius via Thomson Holidays. I spotted Grand Bassin, the Hindu Temple. Nudged Tina who gave me that “we’ve been there” smile. 

Aye, that beautiful Tropical island off the coast of Africa and near Madagascar is on my mind. I dropped my friend and fellow web developer over there an email and got to hear that it is the rain season right now. Chucking down with rain, thunder storms and the full works. There was talk of a cyclone recently and people worry because it has been at least 15 years since the last. Don’t think and hope that doesn’t happen. Nasty things but the tropics whilst beautiful have a nasty streak, a tendency for a bad mood. 

Ahhhh I can smell the scented exotic flowers and I can imagine the sounds of the Bul-bul, Minah, Weaver and Fody birds. The birds in bountiful abundance, practically outnumbering the people. I can feel the warmth of the Indian Ocean. I can see the vivid colours of the fish flitting around my snorkel mask. I can imagine savouring those exotic Creole flavours on my tongue once again. 

Memories are treasured things. Shall go back there one day and gather some more. 

What I’m currently up to

I have recently been writing more on this blog and about a diverse range of things. Some of my posts have been tongue-in-cheek about the world in which we live, some have been about recent travel and some other stuff. I haven’t written for a little while about what I actually do. How I work? Where I work?

In short I am a freelance web and more increasingly, mobile developer. I am also a photographer but that is more of a sideline these days. I work with a variety of technologies and don’t particularly specialise. However that is something I wish to pin down more in the future. Anyone else out there like that? Do you find yourself describing yourself as a full-stack developer?

I’m based in Farnborough Hampshire and also rent a really nice office there. Slightly annoyingly I’m rarely in it at the moment as I’m commuting into London each day! Today for example is hideous on this train, it is overloaded with people. I digress slightly. 

The contract I’m doing at the moment and my reason for being in London is with Save the Children. Recently they’ve allowed me to work from London 4 days and 1 day from Farnborough. I am there until late April and at which point shall review what to do next. Hopefully looking at returning to Ferneberga House full-time where I will very much like to focus on projects there. 

I do have other clients from my freelance work and have just been approached by another business in Ferneberga House where my office is, they want to build a mobile app. I’m excited about that and will start writing about it, though not specifically as we don’t want to reveal what the product actually is until it’s built! I can however talk about the way in which I build such an application. More on this soon. 

So this is very much leading towards a new outlook on my business that was originally created for the purposes of being a contract consultant. We also have the opportunity to work with an offshore partner in order to deliver more CMS powered sites. I am certain that in the future as I shift my focus more towards mobile apps (possibly) we will take on one person to carry on supporting and building CMS sites. Yes expanding into a small company. I do have room in my office for one or two others. 

So there you have it! A whirlwind tour of my world and what may happen in the future! 2016 is going to be an interesting and busy year!

Apparently I am a Mason!

Today I received an unsolicited email that went like this:

“ello Sir,”

Yes, they did omit the ‘H’ so could be looking for cockney Masons…

“We are in Masonic Regalia manufacturing business from 36 years.We Have
skilled workers and well equipped factory for manufacturing of all types
of masonic regalia including Masonic aprons Masonic flags and
gloves and other masonic accessories.”

Swords!!! I could do with some of those, that would be super!

“Why we are better then other suppliers form this region:
On time Delivery.
No false statements.
Always fulfill promises.
We don’t comprise quality on small or large quantity.
100% Professional staff.
All email are answered with in 24 hours by company owners.
Our first priority is satisfied customer and long term business not
earning only profit.

Oh that is good, always find that important when I run out of masonic badges, I am forever running out of them.

“We can send you photos of our work and factory.And we can also supply
you free samples if you interested in any of our products.And we also
request you to visit our factory and inspect our manufacturing

Now you are tempting me you fraudsters!!

“We want to serve you with our quality services . And I assure you that
you will find us most cooperative in all aspects.”

I am honoured!

“Looking Forward to your reply.”

I always laugh as these unsolicited emails and how daft they are and for the record I am not a mason, though I do know a man who is and he is nuts, totally nuts but actually a very decent guy. We’ve known him for years and I still have no idea what Masons actually do?

So maybe I will order:

2 swords – I want to look like I know what I am doing
2 cufflinks
How many masonic shirts should I order? What do they look like? Do they have emblems on them? Funny cuffs?
A sash would look good but why the heck would I want an apron? Do they bake at these meet ups?

I can then blag my way into a meeting to see what they get up to!