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Gone Freelancing!

I have been contracting for a long time now and every now and again I spend some time out in the freelance world. I have established enough contacts over the years that I am giving it another shot. Luckily I picked up a project straight after I left GiveSmart. I quite literally took a week off and that was it! Straight back to work again and it looks like I am going to be booked for awhile with a number of things. Contracting is always there of course, if my source of clients goes dry on me.

The other slight change of tack is that I am developing my current project in Laravel 5.1, going back to my PHP routes but Angular, don’t you worry, I will be looking to use that in conjunction with a PHP back-end again in the future.

Other big news is that Nick Lewis Ltd, which has always been run by my Wife and I, is moving out of the house into a rented office in Farnborough, and I am looking forward to cycling to work each day and being healthier 🙂

Hopefully I will have time to make some more updates to this site, telling you more about what I do, what my services now and in the future are or will be.

Right now I will be interested to hear from any people with collaboration opportunities, though I am currently booked on one project of this kind. Any old clients of mine, who need a remote freelancer to work on stuff, I would love to hear from you likewise.

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