CSS: E-Ticket with QR code

See the Pen xGPRzQ by Nick Lewis (@nickeblewis) on CodePen.


I have been using CodePen a lot for sketching out a web version of a designer’s idea. This is actually something I have been working on recently for my current contract role. I was later able to copy and paste this code to the relevant files in the actual app and it “just worked”, so was very pleased with that.

The QR code shown is pulled from an external source on-line but it could just as easily be pulled in from your own database.

In this very dynamic industry you have to keep up with techniques – So I am focussing on SASS at the moment.


    1. I have seen Koala before but never tried it out. I think I prefer the more hands on approach of writing the code by hand.


    1. This was designed for a responsive site running on a mobile app, so it couldn’t be adapted for email presentation. You would be better off using another tool for displaying a QR code via emails… not one I can answer I am afraid, well, not at least without research into the topic first.


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