Bembridge Windmill

We had a lovely time this bank holiday weekend. We spent the best part of 3 days with some great friends of ours on the Isle of Wight. 4 families got together. Tina and I stayed in our tent on a camp-site, some other friends in a chalet on the same site, some others in a hotel in Sandown and our hosts live there in the village of Bembridge. We did a lot of stuff despite mixed weather which was to be honest fairly typical of May bank holidays here in the UK!
All weekend I promised everyone to show them my Phantom 2 Quadcopter but for the best part it was very windy or raining. So finally just before Tina and I were due to head home, the weather calmed down but was still rather overcast. Our hosts Lisa and Ian suggested that we could go and fly over by Bembridge windmill. A short flight in the end did happen and we had quite an audience watching us…. thankfully no anti-drone people at all. I tend to find that out in the rural parts people really seem to like them and I get a lot of positive interest in it wherever I fly it.
Here is a video for you to enjoy!

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