RHS Malvern: The Gift of Life

I took a lot of photos at last week’s Malvern show and we really liked the show gardens a lot, there were some incredible ideas there and a lot of design talent was evident. However my favourite was the garden called “The Gift of Life” which was sponsored by organdonation.nhs.uk, a subject very close to my heart, having gone through receiving a kidney transplant myself in 2008. I got talking to the people who were involved in it’s conception and they said that they had met a dozen transplant recipients over the course of the weekend. How funny is that?

It was after my transplant several years ago that I became interested in gardening, which at the time seemed strange, as I had never really been that interested. I have always liked gardens of course but having had to change many things about my lifestyle (quitting smoking for one), getting outdoors, doing some digging and just getting down to it has acted as the best gym anyone can ask for. I must get out there more and we have been planting some new things recently.

I think “The Gift of Life” was fantastic, I loved the little details such as the question etched into the corner of the pathway (see my photos), it asked the simple yet tricky question, “Can we?” – well maybe you should 😉

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