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Drones and my business

Some people have asked me why I bought a drone and when I show them my Phantom 2 in action, they think it is really cool, ask me how much they are and I wonder if they are tempted to buy one themselves. It made me chuckle, as in my post yesterday entitled “Bembridge Windmill”, my friend’s daughter asked her dad if she could have one. I told them that they cost around £1000 and that was the end of that conversation!! However I can only see these prices coming down in the future and that potentially anyone could buy one.

I digress – why did I buy one? Was it for fun? The gadget factor? Serious business?

Answer is – All of the above!

The last factor though is one that I really do want to pursue, I would love to either shoot commercial film for clients or to develop applications that make drones more useful in industry. In fact arguably I could do a bit of both.

Whatever I do, there are alas, hurdles to overcome. Laws to understand and abide by. Before I even think about invoicing someone for commercial aerial work (of any kind), I need to become licensed by the CAA, the Civil Aviation Authority who are the UK equivalent of the FAA as they are known in the US. If I were to ignore these requirements, I could face heavy penalties or even imprisonment. The future of such laws and regulations in the UK is very vague, as after all this industry is very new, nobody quite knows how to legislate UAV equipment. Luckily there are organisations forming who are there to help people like myself who see these machines as being very useful to the world as opposed to being an evil menace.

Take for example how Drones have recently been used in Nepal to map areas worst effected by the earthquake. They can help aid workers in assessing which areas are in most need or even to become aware of such places in the first place. You can learn a great deal, very quickly by flying up and over damaged towns and villages.

So for the time being, all of the videos I share here are for pure fun, plus at the same time I need to learn how the systems work, to become aware of their strengths and weaknesses. I am also learning a lot about shooting video and then post processing it in Final Cut Pro X!

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