For the love of music

Reminiscing over the days I used to be a press (predominantly music) photographer, so I gathered some stuff from my archives to share with you. Some of you know I used to do this and some of you may not. It was an exciting adventure in my life and it ran between 2003 and I only stopped doing it 3 years ago.

I tried looking for some of the photos I have of people like James Brown and Amy Winehouse, I met quite a few of those people at the time. It always struck me how normal they all were at the end of the day. I could always see how fame had taken it’s toll on some of them.

I often wondered if they would kill to have some normality back in their lives and be just like us guys, the humble photographers, scraping a living together from ruthless agencies that seldom paid us a jot…. That said I have kept a lot of the tear-sheets from the Times, Guardian and Telegraph.

Though I am happier as a digital consultant nowadays.

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