Rapid Prototyping in Meteor – Jordan Koschei

I recently went from app idea to working iOS prototype in an hour and fifteen minutes, thanks to the magic of Meteor and Cordova. hough I’m not a professional developer — design is my job, while coding is just a hobby — I’ve always preferred a code-heavy workflow, and am always looking for better ways to develop working prototypes quickly. Here’s a step-by-step guide, with code samples, of how I’ve been using Meteor for rapid prototyping.

Source: Rapid Prototyping in Meteor – Jordan Koschei

The concept of rapid prototyping nowadays is turning design on it’s head. Many years ago I would take a designers PSD file, break it down into bits and pieces, in order to start building the website in question.

The issue with that approach is that to prototype something would take longer. You could show the client a set of PSD files but they would have to imagine them in working order. Now you can build the basic application with minimal functionality and use that as a tool to discuss the products path to release.

This is sort of the MVP or the pre-MVP if you like!

I think this is great for developers but is it a good thing for designers? Are they adapting to this more technical approach to design?

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