Reactive WordPress

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One of my favourite features of WordPress is the toolbar, especially when you install Automattic’s very own JetPack plugin for the platform. It opens up a raft of fantastic options for you and your website. In this screenshot, I can instantly spot updates on my site including activity from across the WordPress network. This is an excellent feature and I totally love the way you can reply to comments in this way. If you don’t have this feature or have never used it, give it a go.

Malta 2015

Selection of photos taken in the heart of the Mediterranean

Maltese Door #1



Despite it’s size, you can get lost in Valletta which may seem daft in such a small city but it is packed with imagery. As a photographer, artist, writer, tourist or indeed inhabitant, you feel like you never leave, for Valletta becomes part of you, it is compelling, it is like that person who you met once but can never get out of your head. I think perhaps it could be it’s timeless charm? The warmth of it’s people? I am not sure but I do love the place.

Valletta would appear to have some of the most interesting doorways I’ve seen in any other part of Europe and pretty much all of those doors are adorned with the most exquisite brass knockers. Dolphins are popular for one plus there are other symbols, such as lion heads.

Does anyone know the meaning of these things? Please do post a comment if you do?!