Moment of the year

World War One Poppy Display at The Tower of London

The Poppies at The Tower of London last year were incredible, totally heart-wrenchingly poignantly beautiful. We were so glad to have seen them with our own eyes. This photo was by far my favourite, for it’s tranquility amongst the ocean of people that surrounded them. We all observed, parents telling their children what this incredible feat of creativity symbolised.

Our freedom, we must remember the sacrifices that were made by countless soldiers for future generations.

2015 lets begin!

Ok many people have already written their posts about what a great (or in some cases bad) year 2014 was. Well it wasn’t a bad year all in all. Like many it had good bits and bad bits but I shall refrain from going into detail on any of that because you dear reader will only care to know that health is good and business likewise. This year starts off in a good way with a contract that’s still running and we have some great travel plans for the year ahead. The first being to Malta (again, we love it there) and our first ever trip to Mauritius at the end of the year. So for a big slice of time in between, we shall be enjoying what our own country has to offer.

So what to write about this year? I am going to just write about anything that crosses my mind, maybe pick out a few things on social media that have got me excited or stirred up in some way. Will this be the year that wearable technology becomes more prominent? Will Apple’s watch (due for release generally sometime in Q1) be a big success or vice versa? How will it weigh up against Android’s alternative?

// it be the year in which the Internet of Things (IoT) takes hold? You can already control your heating at home from the office with Nest and other such products but will you be able to check your fridge from aisle number 23 at your local Tesco’s? Were you sure that there is a pint of milk left? You could call upon your Hotpoint IP address and check it’s inventory? Bill Gates did predict this about ten years ago and it has never really fully materialised. But then weren’t we all going to be riding our own hoverboards come 2015? Well it may really come true…..