Ableton Live

I have been an ardent fan of Ableton Live for many years and last year when it came out I bought a “Push” which is part controller, part instrument and I have been taking them through their paces on the new Macbook Pro that I have. I got to tell you, they work flawlessly and the built in DSP capabilities of the Mac are astounding. But if you are a fellow Mac owner, you would have already known that. I am teaching you something you know already. hehe.

I have so far only created some small experimental pieces which I am quite proud of. My next aim is to be bolder with my ideas and put something more substantial together. Anyway I have a Soundcloud account, take a listen to these and let me know what you think.

Ableton is an incredible synth and you can process your sounds on the fly for really great organic effects. It is a lot of fun if nothing else and is a lot less tidier than owning a rack of analogue synths and filling the living room with MIDI cables. Believe you me!

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