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Blog revival!

I am currently moving things around and switching entirely to Digital Ocean for my hosting and have just updated WordPress for this site. Moving this site to DO was really easy and I’m impressed by the speed and guidance they provide you with to make the process painless. Well recommended!


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  1. What was involved in setting up with DO? I ask because Cloudways offer a front end to DO and I toyed with using them.

    1. Hi David – I may write a little article on this, as it would be useful to many people. The process is quite easy in terms of the UI being well designed for creation of a new “Droplet”, you pick your size, which can be as cheap as $5, your OS or a predefined image. I chose the Ubuntu 14 WordPress image for example. You can then ssh from your Mac terminal to root@ or whatever your IP is, enter your password which is temporary to start with, as it soon asks you to enter a new one of your own choice. You then need to define your DNS settings and change your name provider to map to the new server. That can take a day or so of course. However before I did that I exported all data from my old wordpress site to my local drive. Later you then import that into the new installation. One other thing I had to do was manually download the photos I had uploaded over the years and upload them via WinSCP or FTP, whichever you have.

      Does this make sense? Please feel free to ask more questions on this 🙂

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