The unexpected Swans

I was crouched over my tripod down by the Basingstoke canal, just outside Farnborough where I live, observing some beautiful reflections on the water and an interesting sky developing overhead. I had already taken a few frames when these two swans came over to see how I was getting on. I changed my shutter speed and nudged my graduated filter up a touch in the lens mount, so that I could expose for them as best as I could. I just wasn’t expecting this shot to happen and considered the arrival of the swans as a real bonus. I was a little worried that they would be too dark in the frame but given the fact swans normally over-expose so easily, this shot actually works really well.

I reckon they know me, which may sound daft, mad even, but we often visit this spot during the year and have been watching these two swans for a number of years. This year they had two young, after two years of little, if no success. The cygnets were around and I got a nice shot of them swimming off into the sunset…


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