Drupal or WordPress?

In my line of work, I am moving more and more from the contract style of working to freelance, which is exciting, as that was what I have always had in mind. Keeping up with technologies though is incredibly daunting and demanding in equal measure. However I relish it and generally find that each new technology has some similarity to another I already know – comforting. I therefore immensely enjoy my work and when it all comes together, you get a huge sense of pride in the achievement.

However I have a small dilemma…

I am in a quandary over whether to specialize in anything and have come to the forced conclusion that I shouldn’t and can’t. One of my biggest headaches though is over which CMS to use or even if I should be using one at all? CMSes are great for certain kind of projects but can add a whole layer of complexity and the need to train client’s how to use them once you’ve walked out of the front door for the last time.


Presently I am about to embark on building a new WordPress site for my current client having spent a reasonable amount of time on the Drupal scene. I do know WordPress, as this site is built with it and has been since year dot. It has been awhile though since I coded any WordPress templates, so now having to rapidly bring myself up to speed with all of the changes that have been made to the system in recent times.

Oh my word! WordPress is a massive contender now to Drupal, the former now a very good CMS, no longer just a blogging platform as it used to simply be.

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  1. Strange – all the styling has gone from this site and it is just a bare-bones, un-themed site.

    I see you are running Thesis 1.81 and wonder whether you have changed the custom-sample folder to custom?

    As for your question – my guess is that good Drupal developers are thinner on the ground than WP developers.

    So if I could code Drupal and made a site that showed off my talents – I would do that rather than make a WP site.

    There are so many good WP ‘systems’ (Headway, Genesis, Thesis) and I don’t think customers would appreciate the work that went into a bespoke system.

    I’ll qualify that and say that a good front end developer/graphic designer who can make a site look attractive will be in demand – but that’s for the graphics rather than the functionality –

    My two cent’s worth 🙂


    1. Hi David – That is really strange, could you send me a screenshot of how it appears to you (at my usual email address)? It looks “ok” to me. Strange, strange!!

      I had taken the site offline as Google was reporting to me that it was infected with a virus, I scanned it but couldn’t see any issues with it at all, so it is back online. If you see anything else odd, please let me know.

      This week I have been pretty much re-introduced to WordPress, as the people I am freelancing for have a customer who is consolidating two WP sites into one. One question was raised that maybe now would be the time to change it to Drupal, but the MD of the company wasn’t keen because it would mean that their client would have to learn a whole new system. I would agree with that, as such upheaval with a tight deadline would be silly. If we stick with WP, we can re-use a lot of the nuts and bolts of the original two sites and simply re-theme the site. The sensible solution that the customer would be pleased with. I was kind of hoping for another Drupal project but know some WP, enough to be able to do what needs doing.

      Generally I prefer Drupal as it is much more powerful, far more abstract than WP which is still in my mind a “blogging” platform rather than a CMS, though having said that, it is doing a very good job at evolving in the direction of becoming one.

      Career-wise I am a better position to give Drupal my priority over WP and others because next year Drupal 8 will come out and there will be a lot of work around for people who know version 7 well to bring older sites up-to-date.

      My biggest dilemma now is, nicklewis.net or nicklewis.co.uk, the former being WP and the latter being Drupal. The WP site holds a lot of content in terms of blog that I don’t want to scrap or take offline but as you were saying, I need to make my Drupal site really shout from the roof-tops to show off my talent in that area.

      Should I consolidate the sites into Drupal? Importing my old blog content to the Drupal site? What do you reckon?


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