Drupal or WordPress?

In my line of work, I am moving more and more from the contract style of working to freelance, which is exciting, as that was what I have always had in mind. Keeping up with technologies though is incredibly daunting and demanding in equal measure. However I relish it and generally find that each new technology has some similarity to another I already know – comforting. I therefore immensely enjoy my work and when it all comes together, you get a huge sense of pride in the achievement.

However I have a small dilemma…

I am in a quandary over whether to specialize in anything and have come to the forced conclusion that I shouldn’t and can’t. One of my biggest headaches though is over which CMS to use or even if I should be using one at all? CMSes are great for certain kind of projects but can add a whole layer of complexity and the need to train client’s how to use them once you’ve walked out of the front door for the last time.


Presently I am about to embark on building a new WordPress site for my current client having spent a reasonable amount of time on the Drupal scene. I do know WordPress, as this site is built with it and has been since year dot. It has been awhile though since I coded any WordPress templates, so now having to rapidly bring myself up to speed with all of the changes that have been made to the system in recent times.

Oh my word! WordPress is a massive contender now to Drupal, the former now a very good CMS, no longer just a blogging platform as it used to simply be.