New hosting customer: Tommy Ga-Ken Wan


How he came to us for hosting

I am very pleased to have Tommy Ga-Ken Wan on our web server. I didn’t build this website, another guy designed and constructed it using Flash some time ago. Until now the site had been hosted elsewhere but Tommy approached me asking if I could host his site. So here it is at and I think his work is brilliant!

How we discovered the talented Glaswegian student

I first came to know Tommy through an old website I used to run called Nfolio, he was one of the members there and as a young university graduate he was pursuing photography as a career. We were all bowled over by his talent which was great then but as time went by, he became even better, surprising us all with every upload he made to the site.

Since Nfolio was a photo critique site, we often found it very hard to fault his work at all and so instead focussed on making suggestions on other things he could achieve with the subjects he shoots or to express how we felt he could exploit some of his favourite locations further still. He would come back with more amazing pictures time and time again.

People like Tommy succeed because they know their boundaries and how to smash them to smithereens!

Find out more about Tommy and his photography at you will be blown away – Trust me!

3 thoughts on “New hosting customer: Tommy Ga-Ken Wan

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    1. Hi David – Tommy was one of many members on Nfolio originally, he always had great talent but we really saw him grow there and with our considerate critiques he learnt a lot. In fact in writing critiques for him which was pretty hard anyway, we learnt a lot ourselves and realised the mistakes we make in our own photography! Thanks for your comments 🙂


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