Digital SLR: Share your passion

Today I received my copy of Digital SLR magazine which features one of my articles. It is all about one of those things I absolutely love – sharing photos online, getting feedback from other people and becoming part of that big global community out there.

It is not the first time I’ve written articles, I used to contribute to “Freelance Photography Made Easy” (FPME) which was edited by Roger Payne. I got to know Roger through those assignments and was saddened when they decided to retire the magazine from circulation. Roger now edits Digital SLR, a monthly magazine aimed at the beginner’s market and it is full of wonderful ideas and tips for those who have just started out in the world of photography.

Roger approached me a few weeks back to write the article and I accepted the assignment with delight. I am very pleased with my writing on this piece and shall be writing more in the future, so watch this space.

In the meantime, pop down to your local newsagents with a crisp fiver, grab a copy of the magazine, the cashier will give you a lovely two pound coin and a penny in return. What’s more enjoy the whole magazine! Google+ gets a mention too!!