Red Kites

Red Kite (by Crowning,

Thanks to everyone who has submitted comments on an old post of mine ( about the Red Kite and its gradual spread into the county of Hampshire. The post was the shortest ever posted on this blog way back in 2007 and it has received over 27 comments. I also wrote another post that has received 105 comments which you can read at

This is incredible! I have also found it to be very educational and have learnt that these birds have been seen as far over as Dorset which is some considerable distance from their southern stronghold of the Chilterns (Bucks, Oxon and Berkshire). I believe there are now as many as 4,000 breeding pairs across the British Isles which is a staggering number.

I have recently been spending some time working in St Albans, Hertfordshire and seen them around there too.

It’s a shame I just don’t have the kit or the time to take some photos of these stunning creatures myself. So thanks to Crestock for this great stock image 🙂 However I would love to hire a big 800mm lens and a wimberley head to try and capture my own images if I can.

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