Frozen landscape

A drive around the countryside between Crondall, Farnham and Bentley, somewhere around there at least, we found ourselves turning down one lane, then another and another. Crikey are we that far out of the way, we’ll be in Winchester before we know it. The roads were getting more and more dicey, the further we ventured away from the safety of the gritted major routes. My wife getting a little bit nervous about getting stuck. My adventurous streak arguing that “it will be fine” and my sensible side thinking, “she’s bloody right lets turn around and go back”.
The landscape in the late afternoon which isn’t particularly “late” at this time of year was looking magical with the combination of some snow being left dusted across the fields, a mist forming over the horizon, a clear sky and some delicious light. This kept pushing me on, just another corner and we’ll find it, that magical scene will be there. All of a sudden there it was but we drove straight past it and had to turn back. Luckily the landowner had placed a handy lay-by opposite the gate that I needed to hop over. Even luckier it was only a very low gate, as I am not athletic and I didn’t fancy falling into the mud on the other side.
A combination of polariser and a heavy ND grad where needed to balance the very tricky sky and snowy foreground and here you are.

3 thoughts on “Frozen landscape”

  1. Great photo! ND filters are a must with digital a lot of the time. Using Fuji Pro 160 S film recently I was doing some comparisons with digital and film using ND and no ND – unedited the film still won even testing it against a high dynamic range DSLR. Things are getting so much better though wih digital who knows soon we might not even need ND filters – the camera will just auto HDR! :-P. You’ve captured that subtle early morning glint reallu well here -great work!


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