How to extract data from Picasaweb using the Buzz API

Click on this link here

…and you’ll see the JSON data for one of my recent shots on PicasaWeb. Google have been working on improvements for the Buzz API. I am having a play and wondering if anyone knows how I could render this to a nice little web page. I will work out how best to do this when I have time but if you have done this already, I’d love to know how you did it 🙂

Moving on from this I can grab a list of data for my albums, as follows…

A whole load of possibilities are open here. Lovely stuff!

Exciting week for a techie like me

Chrome is dominating the news this week in many ways with the announcement of release dates for Chrome OS, a new version of the Chrome Browser and Chromedeck which is a new Web App from the brand new Web Store. Lots to play with over the Christmas period as often is the case.

I’ve had the chance to upgrade my Chrome installation and it certainly is faster and will be exciting to see how this improves some of the development work that I am doing at the moment which makes heavy use of Javascript. In fact more and more sites do nowadays with the popularity of JQuery becoming a pivotal element in most modern websites. So it’s welcome news to hear that V8 the Chrome Javascript engine has been refactored to run twice as fast. Great news for developers and users alike. Will be interesting to see how benchmark tests compare for IE, Firefox, Safari et al as they all raise the bar to compete with eachother.
Another interesting development in the Chrome camp, is the Web Store from where today I grabbed Chromedeck. We have already become familiar with Chrome’s ability to run web applications in their own tab/window which can be saved as a shortcut on your desktop or for Windows 7 users, a pinned tab in the bar. A feature I use a lot to get to Gmail quickly for example. Well now you can go to the new Web Store where you can install apps for free or in some cases for a charge. Will this open up a whole new market for developers and software companies? We shall wait and see. 
Chromedeck is the app I have been long waiting for, as now Tweetdeck runs from within your browser and strongly resembles my favourite implementation of Tweetdeck so far, the Android version. I love the fact that I can view my Twitter, Buzz and Facebook updates from a single feed. I am no fan of Air applications if I am being totally honest, so to see this great product in Chrome, is fantastic.

Frozen landscape

A drive around the countryside between Crondall, Farnham and Bentley, somewhere around there at least, we found ourselves turning down one lane, then another and another. Crikey are we that far out of the way, we’ll be in Winchester before we know it. The roads were getting more and more dicey, the further we ventured away from the safety of the gritted major routes. My wife getting a little bit nervous about getting stuck. My adventurous streak arguing that “it will be fine” and my sensible side thinking, “she’s bloody right lets turn around and go back”.

The landscape in the late afternoon which isn’t particularly “late” at this time of year was looking magical with the combination of some snow being left dusted across the fields, a mist forming over the horizon, a clear sky and some delicious light. This kept pushing me on, just another corner and we’ll find it, that magical scene will be there. All of a sudden there it was but we drove straight past it and had to turn back. Luckily the landowner had placed a handy lay-by opposite the gate that I needed to hop over. Even luckier it was only a very low gate, as I am not athletic and I didn’t fancy falling into the mud on the other side.

A combination of polariser and a heavy ND grad where needed to balance the very tricky sky and snowy foreground and here you are.

Evernote 4

I have long been a fan of the Evernote series of software from for note taking, project planning, research and keeping these things all under one roof as it were. Today I downloaded the new version for Windows, now at Version 4 and last week I updated my Android app to the very latest. So I’m completely up to date with their product range.

The new Windows app looks so much better than its predecessors in its interface design. Looks like they have given it a complete overhaul too. It runs very smoothly and as such I suspect a certain amount of code may have been rewritten and overall a very good job has been done.

I will write more about this great product once I’ve had the chance to play with it more plus how you can use it to make a difference to your digital life.