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Driving to Verona from the UK

Our tour of Italy, at least a big slice of it is likely to begin in Verona. I am pondering over the options in getting that far, whether to drive the whole way or cheat? After all, the more time we can spend in our destination country the better.

Whatever we do, we will depart from Dover for Calais, by taking the Volvo on the ferry laden with camera gear and some clothing (teasing my wife if she is reading this)! We can then drive through France and Switzerland stopping overnight at Strasbourg.

Alternatively as I have briefly looked into today, we could cheat by taking Motorail which would mean heading for Holland to catch an overnight train. The route passes through the Rhine Valley past the famous Lorelie rock near Rudesheim. I’ve been there before and its stunning. The train completes its journey in Northern Italy. Could be a good option and I’d be interested to hear if anyone else has done it this way. If we take this route, we would return the same way.

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